Hunter的大杂烩 技术学习笔记

September 2, 2014


Filed under: 技术话题 — hunter @ 4:28 pm

1. ganglia python client运行错误

error msg:’cannot connect to ganglia server (gmond) [xxx:yyy]

modify:  vi /opt/ganglia/lib/python/gmon/ +412

sock.connect((self.svchost, int(self.svcport)))


2. nagios 监控出现It appears as though you do not have permission


有可能是你的htpasswd里面的用户名不是nagiosadmin,修改 cgi.cfg中相关配置即可

3. contact notification_options里面去掉 u 参数(unkown)

如: service_notification_options    w,c,r,f,s


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